Wagtail 2020-21


Myths and Monsters

In Wagtail Class, we have immersed ourselves in the myths and monsters of Ancient Greece! As part of our topic lessons, we have discovered the powers and traits of Greek gods and goddesses and explored how mythology helped the Greeks to understand the world around them. In English, we have used this knowledge to create gods and goddesses of our own and we have presented these within an amazing non-chronological report. A huge highlight has been our Greek Wow day in which we have created our very own Greek inspired costumes and taken part in activities that have allowed us to become Ancient Greek philosophers and artists.

 Our learning is electric

Being creative and getting hands-on helps us to learn. In science, it simply hasn't been enough to write about particles and matter or even talk about the flow of current around a circuit. To really help our learning, we have become what we are studying! That's why we've been flowing past each other in liquid form, holding strong and stable as solids and we have helped our friends light up as we have flowed around the wires of a series circuit.