The Arts Showcase

Year 5 artist Zarah Hussain workshop

Acclaimed artist, Zahra Hussain, visited Stoneydown . Year 5 pupils benefitted from workshops exploring Islamic Art and geometric patterns. We are hugely grateful to Zahra for sharing her passion and expertise with our pupils in what was an extremely worthwhile enrichment experience.

Zarah Hussain


Y4 Festival of Lights Artwork December 2020


Stoneydown Capital Arts Project 

As the first-ever London Borough of Culture funding was made available for local schools who applied to be part of the Capital Arts project to create permanent artworks throughout their buildings and learning spaces. Children from Stoneydown Park explored creatures of flight such as birds, butterflies and bats. They studied the shapes of these creatures made in flight; produced sketches, collages and wire drawings to create large, outdoor metal and ceramic sculpture pieces made from recycled materials. Enjoy our slideshow and video.

Stoneydown Sticks Together

We wanted to be very visible in the Walthamstow Art Trail 2019 and to make something that every child in the school could participate in - to symbolise each child’s creativity and our togetherness as a school and local community.

The windy weather in February provided lots of sticks for us to collect, whittle and paint.

We made a huge and beautiful art installation for the public to enjoy!


Making a mural for Stoneydown Park Primary