Teal 2021-22

The adults in our class are Latisha, Charlotte, Sandra, Ira and Zuzanna.

So far in Year 2, our topics have been We Are Stoneydown and Disaster.

We Are Stoneydown allowed children to explore their school and the surrounding area. Children designed their route to school  and a map of the school grounds - encouraging orientation skills and sense of direction. We also made clay slabs inspired by geometric shapes and patterns, all found in our local area!


Teal Class have had a roaring start to our Disaster topic.  We started this term with a WOW day which delved deep into the 17th Century. Children were able to dress up in fabulous costumes and experience a mini Great Fire of London display! We've had interesting discussions and so much fun across the curriculum, Teal Class have truly become Fire Marshalls and Diary Entry Experts!