Nightingale 2020-21

In Nightingale we believe in learning together. Taking turns, sharing, listening to and enjoying the successes of others all play a key role in making our class a fun, inclusive and a meaningful place to be. This year we have been learning about the Victorian era. Stoneydown's cross curricular approach to learning has led to great lesson in English, reading,  history, geography and art all linking to our Victorian topic. 

In this science experiment we made casein plastic which was used to make many different items during the Victorian era. 

In art we have looked at the work of William Morris, making our own prints influenced by his unique style. In history we have explored life during the Victorian era, how it has impacted on life today, drawing similarities and differences. 

Our Victorian dress up day featured a range of activities including dressing up in typical poor and rich children, strict teachers and famous people of the time. We experienced first hand a typical Victorian school day, a shift 'on the line' in a workhouse making matches along with creating our own sun powered cyanotype photos. 

We have just started our new topic 'Amazing Asia'. We are reading a wonderful book 'The Girl Who Stole an Elephant', which is set in Sri Lanka. We are already learning lots about the different Asian traditions, including geometric pattern found in Islamic art, different countries, religions, climates and landmarks found in the vast continent.