The adults who work in Merlin Class are Jade and Angie


In Merlin Class, we celebrate every success, big or small, whilst welcoming mistakes that we know help us to learn and grow. 

We have been enjoying our class story by Ross Mckenzie called 'The Nowhere Emporium'. This mystical, thrilling story has inspired our creative writing, as we have developed a story based upon our own magical rooms, filled with any wonder that our heart's desire. Each story is completely unique and full to the brim with imagination and excitement. From a magical forest full of talking animals, to a room full of screens where you can see your own future; our final pieces of writing are simply magical!

The Victorians

We have also explored life in the Victorian times, where we have learned about Queen Victoria, the British Empire and everyday life for the rich and poor in the 1800s. Victorian Day showed us how much has changed since then and, as we arrived that day, the adults seemed to become strict and stern-faced Victorian teachers overnight! We experienced what life was like for children at school during the Victorian era, as well as for those children who worked grueling, long hours in factories (yes, many children had to work!). It is safe to say that life is a little easier for us now than it was back then–phew!

In art, we have been studying a local Victorian artist: William Morris! His amazing work inspired us to create our own motifs of nature and finally, our own lino-cut prints.