The adults who work in Kingfisher Class are Saba and Asma


In Kingfisher Class, we believe in being kind to everyone; we love thanking someone when they've been kind to us by leaving them a note on our Good Deed Feed.

We have been learning lots about the Victorians: how they lived, the difference in rich and poor lives, how school life was and how Dr Thomas Barnardo's work led to great changes for children. We particularly enjoyed dressing up as children, strict teachers and famous people on our Victorian dress up day. As well as experiencing what life would have been like for children, we also looked at Anna Atkin's work and created our own cyanotypes which resulted in beautiful outcomes. In art, we have also been looking at William Morris' amazing work which we used as inspiration for our own lino-cut printing.



We have been enjoying our class story by Ross Mckenzie called 'The Nowhere Emporium'. This book has had us sitting at the edge of our seats everyday and has also been the inspiration for many writing pieces. Our favourite piece of creative writing was creating our own 'Rooms of Wonder' which we completed after a series of lessons, sketching, planning and role playing.