The adults who work in Kestrel Class are Euan, Katy and Ben

Victorian Day

In Kestrel Class, we have been learning about the Victorians through stories, artefacts, debates and an immersive Victorian day in which we went back in time to find out what life would have been like in a Victorian school. The teachers had fun being strict and the children enjoyed taking part in drill exercises, rote learning and a trip to the workhouse.  In computing lessons, we created our own webpages about life in Victorian times.


 The Nowhere EMporium

Kestrel class have been enjoying the novel The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie.  We have been reading, role playing and writing our own versions of the story. The children created their own Room of Wonders and it was amazing to see their imaginations at work creating their own fantasy worlds. Once the writing was done, the children edited, wrote their stories up and then made beautiful covers and illustrations. The results were amazing. 


William Morris Inspired Prints and Portraits

In art, the children have been designing their own William Morris inspired prints. Sadly this year, we have not been able to take the class to the William Morris gallery, but we did the next best thing and looked at our local hero's work online and drew inspiration for our own lino-cut printing.