We asked our parents what they liked and valued about our school and these are just some of the things they had to say;


Quality of the teaching. It’s nurturing, personal and caring approach has been fantastic for our son. 


The emphasis it places on creativity, parent culture, happy children. 


Happy and friendly atmosphere. Very creative. Great teachers who are inspiring and empowering.


Diversity and focus on why and how - learning how to learn and how to question. 


Our child has had exceptional teachers. 


I love the multicultural community, the focus on the arts and music, the embrace of different religions.


Kind, lovely, hard working staff. 


Friendly community environment, enthusiastic teachers that make learning fun. 


It's beliefs, aims and it's fantastic staff


The ethos around putting creativity at the heart of education. Also the setting and generally from what I can see the nurturing nature of staff.


The fact that the children feel a sense of being part of something, and call their teachers by their first names.