Early Years Home Learning

Whilst we are closed, the Early Years’ Team will continue to communicate with you by email. Each week you will get planned activities to carry out with your children.

• You will be given a book for when your child needs to record any of the activities and also to do their mark making and writing.
• In the email, there will be phonics, number, shape, reading, and creative and science activities, along with suggestions on how to keep your child’s well-being high and to help them manage their feelings with all the changes going on.
• We will also be directing you to some links for online work on various websites. It is important for you to continue to support your child in these uncertain times for their development.
We look forward to seeing all their lovely work.

Whilst this period of closure continues, please stay safe and keep learning. Let us know if you need any support and we will make every effort to be there for you and your families. Please email the school and we will support you in carrying out these activities.If you would like a phone call to discuss anything related to Early Years please let the school office know. Stay safe and take care.

Hilary Ebden

Foundation Stage & Learning Environment Leader



This week's activities



 Parents of Nursery children if you want to log into Oxford Owl where they have some phonics activities and some e books the user name is 

nursery stoneydown and the password is nursery20


Nursery Summer 2 Medium plans

The Shape Of My Heart Nursery 8.6.20

This week's activities


Reception Medium term plans Emotions and food

Reception Weekly In My Heart 8.6.20

In My Heart Literacy plan Reception 8.6.20

Reception Maths Patterns 8.6.20

 Heron class home videos


Beau TV!!

 Penny & Sadie