Humanities Curriculum Showcase

Year 2 Great Fire of London WOW day





Year 6 Tudor Immersion Day






Year 5 Evacuees on WWII WOW Day


 Reception  - Cuckoo Class Maps of our School

Cuckoo class have created a fantastic geography display! They have mapped out our school and the playground and added to the display as a team!  This has helped them to understand the world around them, relate to their surroundings and being to use geographical vocabulary. 

 Year 1 Geography Pirate Day


Year 1 Geography - Mapping Amelia Earhart's Journey

Children in Year 1 developed their understanding of mapping by first making models of what Amelia Earhart might have see from her aeroplane. They then took aerial photos of their models which they used to trace over to create their maps.  They learnt about keys and using colours to define different features.

 Year 3 Fieldwork - Sketches and Data Collection

During their Wetlands topic, Year 3 planned and conducted a fieldwork enquiry into human use of the Wetlands. During their trip, they surveyed members of the public about the different reasons they come to the Wetlands and discovered that people come for exercise and health benefits (i.e. walking and riding their bikes), as a safe and quiet commute to and from work, and because it's a lovely place to visit as a family. They learned that the Wetlands provides water to 3.5 million people and discovered facts, such as that only assistant dogs are allowed to visit. After their trip they collated the information into charts and graphs using computing software. Whilst at the Wetlands, they also created annotated field sketches of the area, focusing on its geographical features!