Knowledge-Rich, Diversity-Led Curriculum

Computing Curriculum

“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.” Alan Turing, founder of computer science



The computing curriculum at Stoneydown Park equips all pupils with computing skills that progressively develops their computational thinking and creativity. Building on this knowledge and understanding, we make cross-curricular links so we can empower pupils to become digitally confident and active participants of the digital world. We discretely teach lessons as we aim to develop children’s understanding and application of computer science: experience of writing   computer  programs  in  order  to  solve problems; evaluate  and  apply  information  technology,  including  new  or  unfamiliar  technologies; and to be responsible,  competent,  confident  and  creative  users  of  information  and  communication technology. Learning and teaching within the computing curriculum at Stoneydown Park prepares our children to become safe, independent users of technology beyond the classroom.



The teachers at Stoneydown Park are provided with an in-depth computing curriculum and support from the subject leader to ensure high quality teaching . This enables our teachers to confidently plan engaging, creative and challenging learning experiences to develop children’s digital understanding and reasoning. We have designed a computing curriculum that makes explicit links to our topic curriculum to ensure it reflects relevance. We use ‘Google Classroom’ which is a web-based platform for students and teachers to produce and distribute aspects of our curriculum from school and home. This platform also ensures we maintain effective feedback on assignments and other tasks set. The resources we provide the children with at school are ‘Chromebooks’, which are laptops and a two-in-one Google Chrome operating system. This resource is compatible with pupil and staff  individual logins and Google Classroom access. We also provide iPads, which the children love! This allows children to effectively access aspects of the computing curriculum on a familiar device, which is a great way for all pupils to create media rich content such as green-screen films, stop-motion and podcasts and it is specially user-friendly for the SEND children in our school. These resources ensure that there is a progression of knowledge and skills that can be built on each year within computer science, digital literacy, information technology and digital responsibility.



Stoneydown Park teachers’ have high expectations and are enthusiastic about computing, as they promote a vision that inspires and motivates pupils. As a result, pupils display high levels of originality, imagination and creativity when applying their skills in computing in all three strands of the computing curriculum. The children’s understanding of important concepts are embedded throughout the curriculum and are developed during their time at Stoneydown Park. All is evidenced on the resources we use, which can be shared individually and collectively.



Children at Stoneydown Park are given many enriching opportunities as part of the wider computing curriculum. Our provision includes a coding club where children with interests in computer science are able to further pursue their passions with code and robotics. We run a digital leader programme for children in KS2. Digital Leaders support children and teaching staff throughout the school to integrate technology. The school has also taken part in the IBM Robo Challenge and continues to develop links with industry to offer opportunities to children to broaden their understanding of computing in the world of work.