Class teacher: Rebecca Needham



Swan Class have made an excellent start to Year 3. They enjoyed learning all about Jesse Owens and other famous Americans during our first topic, “Get Physical.” They produced their own biographies of the famous athlete and also wrote explanation texts about the world’s fastest animals and how their bodies are adapted for speed.

In maths, we ventured to the outdoors when learning to count in multiples of 100 and spent lots of time in class working practically on place value and comparing numbers.

As artists, we studied movement art and went on to create our own moving montages. We also had the opportunity to visit the Estorick Gallery, where we learned about Futurism and saw the re-created sculptures of Umberto Boccioni.

The Swans returned after half term to learn all about Food! We began our learning journey with a “Golden Ticket Challenge” to celebrate the start of our new book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We worked in teams to solve tricky writing and maths problems in order to find the whereabouts of the hidden Wonka Bars!

We also learned about where our food comes from and how it travels to our supermarkets. We discussed the importance of Fairtrade, carried out debates and finally did some class baking using Fairtrade products!