Class teacher: Saba Iqbal


Starling Class have had an exciting start to Year 4 with educational visits to the Estorick Gallery where we looked at Futuristic Art. We also attended a really cool workshop at the Science Museum which was all about the Human Digestive System. We continued learning about the process of the digestive system in our science lessons back in class – it was a little gross but helped us understand the journey our food makes.

During our Food topic, many children created and baked healthy recipes as part of their project homework which we all got to try! After learning about Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s art work, we were lucky to have Tom Woolner, an artist who works with sculptures, deliver a workshop which included building ridiculous faces using food! It was great fun!

We have learnt lots about keeping fit through our Get Physical topic and hope to continue positive talk about healthy lifestyle choices.