Class teacher: Vikki Silvers



The children in Pipit class have made a fantastic start to year 3 and are settling in very well.  Our topic this half term has been FOOD which has related well to our reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Reading and writing about Mr Wonka’s chocolate room has been scrumdidlyumptious!  We have been describing the delicious setting using a variety of sentence openers, expanded noun phases and adverbs. The children have followed this by designing their own imaginative Wonka sweet and are working on writing an alternative chapter to include their creations.

In Topic we have discovered the origins of chocolate and where and how it is made. We investigated where our favourite food is grown and how far it travels from the farm to our shops. Studying global food production led to interesting discussions and introduced the concept of fair trade groups to ensure the ethical working conditions of workers and help to look after our environment.

Our Science topic was the human digestive system. The children took part in some fascinating experiments to observe tooth decay and digestion. We travelled to the Science Museum and explored how our body absorbs the nutrients in food and saw the interesting, internal journey of food through the human body. 

In Maths our focus has been on place value - revisiting addition and subtraction, ensuring that the children have a solid understanding of the number system in preparation for future work. In the run up to Christmas we have been focusing on multiplication facts and working on our three, four and eight-times tables.

In R.E. we have explored celebration festivals looking specifically at the Hanukkah and the Christian nativity story.

The children have really enjoyed this term swimming lessons which will continue in the new year

Well done Pipits! You have worked so hard this Autumn! Enjoy the holidays with your families.