Class teacher: Madeline Edmunds         

Spring Term

Kingfisher had a superb day out in London in February. Beginning at the London Eye, and following in the footsteps of Salim from the London Eye Mystery, the children boarded their capsule pods. With clear skies and a shining sun, we were treated to a spectacular view across London's skyline! Following a leisurely lunch at the Royal Festival Hall, we set off, across Westminster Bridge, to visit some of London's famous landmarks. Pausing to watch the horse guards, we then wandered through St James's Park up to Buckingham Palace where we waved enthusiastically at the Queen. 

On our return to school, the children have been learning about London's history and geography whilst continuing to follow the exciting London tale in the class novel. Check out the pictures from our great day out!



Autumn Term

Kingfisher class have made an excellent start to Year 6. They have explored some interesting topics, beginning with micro-organisms where they were required to undertake an experiment to create the mouldiest bread. Following this, they studied the Earth's mega-beasts: the dinosaurs. In history, we have been time travelling to the Stone Age and we had a wonderful immersion day which included drawing cave paintings in pre-historic like conditions and an participating in an archaeological dig to find Stone Age treasure. In the first half term, we read Journey to Jo'Burg and explored life in South Africa under the harsh conditions of  Apartheid. 

We have had some great trips linked to our topic this term, including coming face to face with some moving, and very life-like, dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum as well as visiting the British Museum to see the Benin Bronzes. 

Well done for all your hard work so far, Kingfisher!

Learning some great facts at the Natural History Museum.