Chiffchaff 2021-22

In Chiff Chaff class our adults are Vikki, Angela and Maria.

Chiff Chaff class have had a burning energy for our drama and history with our hand-on  experience of the Great Fire of London!

We have been learning what London was like in 1666 and how different children lived during this time. The children made amazing Tudor Houses and arranged them just like in Pudding Lane where the streets were narrow and the houses were very close together. On our WOW day the children dressed up in some incredible outfits and were able to see how and why the Great Fire spread so quickly. It was an amazing experience for everyone!


We have been using a range of writing skills to produce personal historical diary entries to retell the events of the Great Fire. In other areas of the curriculum we have also been exploring other exciting facts about London in 1666 and discovering how to make bread, just like Thomas Farriner. We've been having a blast!